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  1. Zero out all your group faders. Literally place them on zero so you have room to go up and down.

  2. Go in your mixer and change all the volumes of the individual pads and rims to 80.

  3. Change the kit volume to 127

  4. Turn off your compressor, EQ, and Ambience

  5. Go in to the trigger menu and adjust your sensitivity so your absolute loudest hits peak the meter. This goes for both head and rim.

  6. Adjust the threshold so your lightest hits are set-up correctly. At this point you should have the maximum amount of dynamic range set up for your kit. If you ever had machine gunning it should be just about eliminated.

  7. Adjust the curves for each of the pads to work with your playing style. This is where you will hear those playing dynamics change a bit. Linear is just that… Linear. EXP1&2 will remove the middle dynamics and make even medium to loud hits kind of quiet. LOG1&2 will bring up the middle dynamics and make middle to hard hits louder. Spline will just about remove the middle dynamics and turn your playing dynamics is to an on/off switch. That’s a bit extreme of a definition, but it works great for toms and the ride bow, IMO. And then there is LOUD1&2. These remove the quiet dynamics and bring up the volume of all your low to mid hits.

  8. Go back in to the mixer and adjust the individual pad volumes so your drums and cymbals all sound correct in their volume relative to eachother.

After that you can get in to the compressor, EQ, and ambiance.

Source: forum